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Non-slip Call For Tile and Marble Resistant Slip

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Non-slip Call
(for tile and marble)



Spray on the floor and stop slipping!
Easy to apply by any one!
One application for semi-permanent life!
The most economic way!  




The product reacts to silica present on the product surfaces (tile, marble, terrazzo, enamel etc) and creates a number of fine pores (2-6 micrometer) to prevent slipping for a semi-permanent period.  


  • Foam stabilization: generating foam when in contact with silica on the surface of an object
  • Untrain air cap: distributing air layers at constant gaps
  • Inhibitor: inhibiting corrosion as it occurs



  • Foreign materials are removed from the surface of an object before spraying Non-slip Call. The surface is then rinsed off with water in about 5 minutes. When viewing with the magnifying glass, a lot of minutes pores are created on the surface.
  • The pores increase the contacting area between the foot (sole of the shoes) and the floor surface thereby increasing the slip resistance coefficient to prevent slipping. This is more so when the surface is wet.

>>>>>>>│AFTER-CARE (For semi-permanent use)│


Non-slip Call transforms the flooring material (creating a lot of minute pores) to prevent slipping, and is semi-permanent once applied. If the surface is filled with oil or water scale over time, it only needs to be cleaned to re-open the pores.


  • Wet the magic foam and clean the floor.
  • If heavily contaminated with oil, spray suitable detergent and clean off with magic block.
  • Use a plastic scrubber. (DO NOT use metallic scrubber.)


Standard amount of use 40ml ~ 50 ml / m (Spray until the floor is sufficiently wet.)
Packaging size editorimg editorimg editorimg
500ml 18L 1,000L


  • Proven effects: Since Non-slip Call reacts to silica, it offers the proven non-slipping effects as long as the surface contains silica (tile, marble etc).
  • Easy to use: Any one can spray the product since it does not require any skill.
  • Economic: Without having to replace the slippery flooring material, just spray and be safe in the most economic way.
  • Semi-permanent life: The product transforms the flooring material (creating a number of minute pores) to prevent slipping. Just one application lasts semi-permanently.
  • Patented: This is the only product that is patented in the USA and in Korea.
  • Non-irritative: It does not irritate the skin, and is free of bad odor. (During the comparison test in 2004 with leading products of the USA, Europe and Asia, the product showed outstanding results; while the others were irritative to the skin, Non-slip Call was not irritative at all and was free of bad odor.)


  • Application: toilet, kitchen, front lobby, swimming pool, sauna, corridor, stair cases


  • Applicability: tile, marble, terrazzo, enamel and other cement based products






  • Wear protective equipment. (rubber gloves, mask etc)
  • Wet the magic foam and clean the floor.
  • Remove water from the floor.
  • Turn the spray gun “ON”.
  • Spray sufficiently until the floor is wet.
    ※ Standard amount of use: 40ml ∼ 50 ml / m2
  • Leave the surface for about 5 minutes after application, and rinse off with water.
    ※ If there is no drain, wipe off the product with dry cloth, and then use wet cloth to clean the floor 3-4times.
  • Rub the floor with the foot to check the effect.

* DO NOT use metallic scrubber!




Friction coefficient increases as minute and invisible pores (2-6 micrometer) are created without changing the color or gloss of the surface.

  • Tile


  • Marble





Following the export to the USA in 2004, Morning Wide of SBS-TV featured the product as a new concept non-slip product which is economic and can be easily used by anyone. The product has and is receiving favorable response from consumers and distributors.




Non-slip products have been developed for the first time in Korea for tiles and marbles, and patented in the USA and in Korea. Thanks to their excellent quality and safety features, many distributors have been established to carry these products. These are in particular supplied to Noru Paint, one of the major paint companies in Korea. With the private brand strategy where the product is sold under the distributors’ own brand name, they now take more than 90% of the market share.

Trade mark


Non-slip Q

Noru Paint Co Ltd
Mikkrum Doctor

JH Corporation

June and Lin
Non-slip Pro

Parking Sale
Mikkle Zero

Mato Flooring
Slip Free

Slip Brake

Slip Brake
Non-slip Zero

Green Tech
Non-slip Tech

Non-slip Tech
Mikkrum Baksa

Mirae E&C
Slip Killer

Sunjin Care
Slip One Shot

Slip One Shot




China 2008

 USA 2004

Vietnam 2013

Australia 2013



▶ DDP: granite stone, corrido ▶Cheongju Jugong Apt (470 units): tile, toilet & balcony
 editorimg editorimg
▶Chuncheon Social Culture Center: tile, shower units ▶National Rehabilitation Center: granite stone, corridor
 editorimg editorimg
▶Sheraton Incheon hotel: tile, kitchen ▶Anyang Suri Disability Welfare Center: granite stone, shower units
 editorimg editorimg
▶ Ewha Middle School: tile, toilet ▶Anyang Sinseong High School: tile, shower unit inside the swimming pool
 editorimg editorimg
▶ Namsan Hilton Hotel Casino: toilet & entrance lobby ▶Korea Sports-for-all Tutors Association: tile, swimming pool, shower unit, toilet
 editorimg editorimg
▶ Sooncheon Peace Hospital :tile, aqua treatment center ▶ Yeosu Ocean Resort :tile
 editorimg editorimg
▶Staircase ▶Hotel (toilet) ▶Public sauna ▶Restaurant
 editorimg editorimg editorimg editorimg



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